A person who serves no purpose to your life but to annoy you and waste your time extensively and steal your precious living breath. A worthless cretin. Ussually its someone who used to be cool, but now has no other friends, and you just don't have the heart to tell them you don't want to chill.
Your friend Meg is the biggest time burglar I have ever seen. She just wants to hang out all night, and she's not hot, and does not have a redeeming enough personality to be worth associating with.
by Alec December 24, 2004
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Someone who is chronically late to the point of stealing time from you.
Me: 'Where is Sandy? He's 15 minutes late!'
You: 'I don't know why we wait for him. He's such a time burglar!'
by Olap May 16, 2013
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this is a very gay word all things about this word r awful and any one who uses it is a cunt
Mitch is a super big time burglar. not to be confused wit the ever famous trudburglar. Your a cunt who ever created it
by WHo January 14, 2005
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