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1. A usually depressing addiction of constantly thinking about the concept of time. Typically caused by recreational drug use (Marijuana, Acid, etc.). Thoughts include:

-Always thinking about the past, and not the present.
-How time is "speeding up" almost exponentially as life goes on.
-The history of the universe, or of human existence.

Bryan: OMG 9/11 was 8 fucking years ago!? No way!

Beau: Dude you seriously have a major time addiction.

Buffalo Bill: I cannot believe its been over 10 years since Silence of the Lambs came out, time is flying by.

Clarice: Yea, I think about that everyday it seems like. We both a have a bad time addiction.

by 12/30/1989 April 26, 2009
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Persistently asking the people around you what time is, even if all they do is mention the word time. A strenuous yet deep exercise used to work the mind, irritate those around you, and shut up those who do not have the experience that exists to debate the properties of time.
Earl: "We need another beer to add to Excalibur."
Zach: "Ok. Lets walk to the store."
Earl: "We're not going to have enough time"
Zach: "REALLY. But what is time?"
Earl: "You have a serious time addiction."
Zach: "What is time?"
by charidith June 21, 2010
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