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Annoying little shits that seek attention by hating on minecraft and only upload fortnite dancing videos. They think that console wars are still thing and think they are gamers. They are 100% a different fucking species
"You see what that xX_fortnitelegend36262_Xx said to me"

"Yes I did hes most likely a tiktok kid*
by ALPHAX_04 July 23, 2020
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Kids that get all their cultural info and connections from others via TikTok, whether it's singing a stupid ass song they got from TikTok that they believe is top chart worthy, or if it's their memes they find funny that people of higher intelligence understand but believe its immature. People that have the retardation of being a TikTok Kid are usually really depressed because they are lonely and have a weird sense of humor only they can laugh at. Ever heard the phrase, Tiktok ruined that kid's sense of humor. Tiktok kids always be laughing at shit that's weird and boring as fuck. Laugh at it and show you overly circulated memes, meaning memes that thousands of other tiktokers have reposted. Synomyns for this would be, an immature person that looks stupid, a fortnite kid, special needs individual, or a kid that is anti-social, follows herd mentality most of the time. Tiktok kids will usually believe anything or agree with anything an influencer says. The devious lick made people look soo stupid, OMG he squirted soap onto his hands and then shoved it into his pocket! SOOOOOO FUNNY am i right, thats me being sarcastic if you werent aware of that! (((STOP BEING A TIKTOK KID!, GET BACK TO INSTAGRAM FOR MEMES AND HUMOR AND FOLLOW @meanhobo on INSTAGRAM for real humor and to become social again and less depressed!!!!)))
(group of tiktok kids dancing to a TikTok song)

Me : "You guys are such tiktok kids." (then mocking them in a bulling way)
by meanhobo October 11, 2021
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A user of TikTok that's under the age of 13 (which is the age required to access the app). Their videos on the platform include "running away from home" videos, "flying fairies", "getting pregnant" (yes) etc. These kids are also known for posting videos with weird filters on and generally unfunny jokes or just typical kids stuff like nerf battles etc. There's also a furry side of these kids who post videos of them dancing in hand-made cardboard fursuit heads which often just look embarrasing. Some of the users still upload lipsync which died off back in the days of or videos of them recording a TV.
Have you seen this TikTok kid's account? Haha, he posts such cringe there, wanna watch?

Sure. Lmao what a kid! Let's scroll down to see more of his videos.
by ttjapnjett September 21, 2020
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a child that uses the app and trys to get

attention by hating on (usually) mincraft content. And post fornite vidoes.
like a whore basicly i hat tiktok kids
by asdasdasfasfsaf January 16, 2022
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A kid on tiktok who says they're "depressed" by showing people that they listen to "depressing music" and black stuff
by Y33TRS0N February 8, 2021
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