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Tiffany Pollard aka New York is a reality show whore who's claim to fame came in the way of the fake VH1 reality show called "Flavor of Love". She is best known for getting spit on by Pumkin aka Brooke Thompson in season one of the FOL. Tiffany Pollard has been able to extend her 15 minutes of fame; not through talent, but rather by treating others like S**T. Her mother Michelle Rothschild-Patterson aka Sister Patterson is also rude and ugly. Sister Patterson "Claims" to be a Christian; even though she is judgmental and spiteful. Traits the Bible frowns upon. Her so-called Christian status was called into question on one of the seasons of her daughters also fake reality show "I Love New York". Where one of the males noticed Sister Patterson was over hyping her reactions to her religious experiences at a church they were all brought to. Throughout FOL and ILN, both Tiffany and Michelle have continued to show a level of ignorance and just plain rudeness to all they encounter. Tiffany called Frank Maresca aka The Entertainer on I Love New York season 2 a "Loser" because he still lived at home with his parents. Even though she has openly admitted to being a tool of her own mother. Also her status before FOL is unknown; so her calling someone else a loser for still living at home with his parents: may in fact be no more then just a chance to be rude. Seeing as she may have lived at home with her own mother before her little-known fame came about.
The common thread between both Tiffany and Michelle is that they both seem to think they are worth more to the world then they really are. Seeing as neither one of them are a Doctors or Scientist; the world can do without 2 ugly, rude, pieces of street trash. It should also be pointed out that on Flavor of Love season 1, Sister Patterson showed up to the show with an average looking male to escort her. But by the time of FOL season 2 came about; she was seen with a more model-type looking male. Proving her so-called bad-ass attitude was more of a ploy to become famous and as a famous person, her tastes in men had become more geared towards younger and more attractive men. Both Tiffany and her mother Michelle have both shown traits of fronting a FAKE PERSONA in order to become and stay famous. As was seen in a reunion special for Flavor of Love; where the cast wanted to beat Tiffany ass. And when the security finally stepped in to protect Tiffany; she then became bold and started making threats. But she was relatively quite before security had stepped in. A "True" Bad-Ass wouldn't have bitched up so quickly. Leading to the FAKE PERSONA; Tiffany's Ebonics will disappear from time to time. Replaced with a very Proper English way of speaking. This comes from the fact that she was raised in (Utica, New York); As opposed to a poor ghetto. Which is something Tiffany never eludes to. Because she wants people to think she is Hard from being raised in some poor Crime-Ridden city in New York. Which is NOT THE CASE.
It's sad that someone so Worthless, Ugly and Mean as Tiffany Pollard can become famous these days. There is billions of people working 15 hour days just to make a decent living and all Tiffany had to do is act like a rude slut and now she is famous! Did I wake up in a different reality or something? Because I don't remember the world being this petty when I was a child. But maybe I just didn't notice until now.
by the2ndflood August 04, 2008
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