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(Also can be used as 'Tidley Wink') A replacement for any word that you have no desire to say for one reason or another or a replacement for a word that you can't think of at the moment. Also helpful when wanting to replace a dirty or cuss word in front of an audience that does not accept words of that category.
What the crap was Mr. Hunt thinking today in science class, he was acting like a freaking Tidley!

Yo bro, me and some of the guys are going to go Tidley it up with Jeff's mom, you down?

Son of a Tidley Winking Tidley! Some people need to Tidley their own Tidley Winks before I Tidley in their freaking mouth.
by Mac Daddy Fro October 21, 2011
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being high on life, a definition created by Koz
We knew after we scored the grass, everything would be tidley for the evening.

It's all tidley
by JaggedLittleJill September 02, 2008
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