Tianjin (Chinese: 天津; pinyin: Tiānjīn; Postal map spelling: Tientsin) is the sixth largest city of the People's Republic of China in terms of urban population. Administratively it is one of the four municipalities that have provincial-level status, reporting directly to the central government. Also, its urban land area is the fifth largest in China, ranked only after Beijing,Shanghai,Guangzhou and Shenzhen.

Awesome. Food is good, people are good(except for young "kool" people), food is good, food is good and most other things are good. Overall Tianjin is awesome.
"cool" guy: Man, you seen Tokyo? It's crazy.

person: ... Man Tokyo isn't full of drifters and fun, its just full of rapists.

"cool" guy: No, your just jealous.

person: Fine, go to Tianjin.

(month later)

***"cool" guy doesn't come back.
by fedorownsall May 6, 2009
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Also called Tientsin, a fucked up city, dwelled by people that actually smarter than those in Beijing.
Tianjin's energy were sucked up by Beijing during 50 year's communism reign.
by Peevee August 11, 2006
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