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Tiaja is a pretty,intellingent,and smart girl she can be annoying sometimes but if she does that means she cares about you. She isn’t average than most girls she is beyond beautiful and she likes to have fun. She is goofy but when its time to get serious she doesn’t play. She has nice curvesand bootybut her personality you will like best. She is very heavy handed and stong , has very small feet and hands she is perfect from her head to her toes and she is very humble. But whatever you do don’t fight her she can tear sum up!!
Dang you see how Tiaja beat up that girl!

Yeah dude!
But she cute asf tho so!
You gotta meet her you like her personality better tho!

by Wassuh.bebe May 26, 2018
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Tiaja is a rather mischievous guy, he is really smart but isn't one to flaunt it in other peoples faces.

he has a side to him that he doesn't show to anyone except for a select few that he trust. It take a lot for him to trust you but once he does he truly cares.

he doesn't normally seem like the type of guy to fall for someone but once he does he treats her like a goddess. He is prone to chasing after people he cant have.

he is wild a devilish and has a look in his eyes like a wild animal that can drive any girl up the wall.

he has a habit of being a troll and fucking with people in general. he likes to play "games" as he calls them with all of his friends where he messes with them in general.

over all he is great friend to have if you can learn to keep up with his games, and if you don't fall for him.

warning if you break his heart he wont speak to you, not out of spite but out of pain.
"that tiaja is driving me nuts! i wish he would just speak to me, but i know i broke his heart. its just when we were together he made me feel wanted and perfect. i never should have been so reckless."
by Almitra October 26, 2012
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A very pretty woman who is very klutzy but is very sweet. She annoys people and sometimes can offend people unintentionally. She is very insecure. It may seem like no one would ever like her but what no one knows, is that when it comes down to it, she's very freaky.
I just want a Tiaja in my life that can make me laugh and moan at the same time.
by TiaLovesLlamas January 07, 2017
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