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Skinny Asian (AKA azn) girl that digs on black men. Usually has a large number of jobs to counteract the fact that the black men do not have jobs. Name is synonymous with a rare disease in which obtaining shoes becomes the suspect's number one reason to live.
Jaime is turning into such a Thuyvy.
Yeah, I know, did you see the nyukka on her jock?
It's cuz she got them new Jordan's... yo.
by Definitely Not Chris and Kim August 01, 2008
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Asian girl, but at times can be easily mistaken for a blonde barbie doll with a brain of a blonde chick. Most of the time, she is nonetheless is brilliant, and will never fail to amaze you in all aspects.
by y0u may n3v3r kn0w January 13, 2012
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