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SEVERE and prolonged condition of cloudsmug.

descent into satanism is more than likely.

becomes rude and mean.
thoughtless, increased confusion, false spirituality
empty, expensive and inflated adventures
finds a partner to share and create more thundersmug

tries to become productive but cannot see through his/her/their own thundersmug and ultimately lands into undecidedville.

Flashes of birlliance due occur during thundersmug storms. But die out as soon as they realise they are caught up in their own heads. Perspective narrows. Tunnel vision increases which leads to circles of imminent confusion and insanity.
Haven't seen Darrel and Terah in awhile...

They have been under this cloud of thundersmug ever since they got back from that outdoor festival.

I bumped into Devin and Candice. They pretended they didn't know me. Those two have created nothing but thundersmug since they got together.
by seemikeread January 12, 2012
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