Bootleg (no pun intended) version of the popular footwear brand "Uggs"
mary you cheap-ass, had to buy thuggs cause you couldnt afford uggs
by Joe Livermore March 21, 2008
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Ugg boots that are intended for males. While Uggs are typically worn by "trendy" girls, Thuggs don't have the same fake personality implications. Thuggs don't even look like conventional Uggs and are becoming more and more popular because of the sheepskin inside which makes them incredibly comfortable.
Balla 1: Yo homie, you ready to bounce?
Balla 2: One second playa. I gots to find my Thuggs first, you know I ain't be rollin without dem.
Balla 1: True dat. Respek yourself.
by DaChillmasta December 01, 2008
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Twice the G than just thug
Nigga #1: Damn nigga #2 you hella thug.

Nigga #2: Nah nigga #1, im thugg. I got double the G.

Nigga #1: Oh fasho mang. Thugg life
by NiggasWitSwag December 25, 2011
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A-Thugg's are very loud, obnoxious, distracting people. They like to have fun and get excited about World Hist. Errrbody be wantin' to know you if yous a A-Thugg.
"Hey, do you see those A-Thuggs over there? Let's be friends. Do you think they know my name? Ahh shoot ):"
by Aimallie November 11, 2007
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n; a gang related man with a customized grill; kDuran; D-Ballin;
Damn that pimp right thurr be almost as gangsta as THE Thugg!
by rara111 January 03, 2007
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