Thuggin’ - Soo Much Into Str8 Thuggin’ Mainly Clubbin’, Being Soo Fly, Soo Street, Soo Much Into Lavish Lifestyle & Livin’ Life To The Fullest & Forever Free From These Damn Motherfuckin’ Hella Str8 Trash Such As Smokin’, Pimpin’, Prostitution, Sellin’ Drugs & Stolen Goods, Drug Traffickin’, Robbery, Extortion, Murder, Burglary, Racketeerin’, Theft & Federal Crimes.” - Hopkins Harlem aka Harlem.
Examples Of Thuggin’ In Statements / Sentences.
“Forever Harlem, Forever Streetwise, Forever Street Thug, Forever Str8 Thuggin’, Forever Str8 Stuntin’, Forever Livin’ To The Fullest, Forever Harlemite, Forever Harlem. Harlem Stand Up!!” - Hopkins Harlem aka Harlem.

“Str8 Thuggin’, Str8 Stuntin’!! #HarlemThang” - Hopkins Harlem aka Harlem.

“Str8 Thuggin’, Str8 Stuntin’!! #ThugLife” -Hopkins Harlem aka Harlem.
by Hzr September 30, 2018
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The act of rolling AND staunching a cunt.
Bob: where’d you get that hat?

Pablo: was thuggin’ some thirteen year olds innit
by Jimmy Nips December 27, 2018
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Being strong during a time of difficulty
My grandma just died but I’m thuggin
Imma thug it out
by myabands😼 November 29, 2020
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being outside without a jacket when its raining.
i was plannin on thuggin it today but im not that stupid.
by Btjackbeats February 7, 2010
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Either living or pretending to live a criminalistic lifestyle, ie. no job with a mouthful of gold (or platinum),rolling around in a busted out ride with the trunk rattling due to excessive booty bass, pickin up welfare checks at the baby-mama's house and proceding to buy 40's and blunts.
T-Roy not a playa, he be thuggin.
by Mcfelcha January 27, 2003
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