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A sarcastic way of spelling "Thug Life". Typically used to describe a situation, life, or event that is not really "gangsta" or hardcore, but still crosses some sort of line, like removing a "Do Not Remove" tag on a piece of furniture. It can also be used to describe someone who thinks that their life is hard/fucked up, but is really just ignorant to the fact that they don't meet the definition of a thug.
1. Bill: "Wht u doin"
John: "Textin while driving yo, livin da thug life xD"

2. (Jonny's Facebook status): "I H8 MY MOMMY!!!1111 SHE JUST BAWT ME DA WRONG BRAND OF SOCKS >:( mY LIFE SUCKZ"
Bob's comment: "Thug Lyfe"
by thisplacesucksass July 08, 2013
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a phrase made by idiots who cant spell thug life
WANNABE THUG: "I just got me an electric scooter, talk about thug lyfe."
KID- "its thug LIFE, dipshit."
by crystalxxrawr October 12, 2008
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