As a tree throws shade on the grass under it inhibiting its growth, throwing shade on someone is being negative to their idea or attitude.
I don't mean to throw shade on you but you do have other choices to consider.
by Pet Popski August 21, 2017
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1. To effortlessly and creatively read bitches all day, every day.

2. A sick bitch, honey, who suffers from the condition in which she exudes fierceness and attitude so naturally that she effortlessly and creatively reads bitches left and right without breaking a sweat or, at times, even consciously.
Fierce bitch walks into room and throws shade on tired looking friend wearing comfortable sweats and no makeup: "honey, you look so pretty today."

Friend: "You mean bitch. You really do suffer from throwing shade syndrome. You must be one lonely bitch!"
by FierceBitch314 January 03, 2016
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Throwing up a tree.

Walking down an path and killing some.

Having sex in an private area

Killing someone and bragging about it
Bro im a throw some shade at you if you walk down here
by Edward Watermelon hands February 12, 2018
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Throwing shade at someone on Thursday or talking sh*t about someone on a Thursday
Throw shade Thursday is typically know as “Thots throw shade Thursday” this basically means that mostly thots like to throw shade.
by MJ103 May 16, 2019
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