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The act of picking up canoes, kayaks, rafts, etc and moving them to the starting location or from the end location for a boating business or personal use. Boats are typically carried over your head and should be done by one person unless you are a weak and lazy human.
Brian and Trevor are the best at throwing boats on the Deleware River.
by Brit in Merica July 27, 2016
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To throw punches at the face in a very aggresive physical manner.
Suds: Damn man Andrew came at me hard he was fuckin' throwing boats.
Zullo: Ya u are a bitch.
by Andrew Rock February 07, 2009
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To be annoying or foolish. Used synonymously with 'tossing ships'.
1: Justing kept throwing boats at that party last night, I couldn't stand it!

2: My wireless internet has been playing up recently. Someone must be throwing boats with the network.
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