To organise a party or some exciting event.
Lisa: Jen! When are you gonna throw a party for Janice?

Jen: Tomorrow. It's a surprise!

Lisa: Kickass!
by lksdjf March 1, 2011
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To set someone up, for a robbery, or a stick-up. To gain someone`s trust, goad them into lowering their barrier on the first meeting, and rob them on the next encounter.
Yo... that new guy that just moved into dude`s old spot, got some good shit yo....
Oh for real?! Shiiit, We need to smoke one with this fool then...
Hell yea, and throw a party for his ass, on the next go round...
by OGgamer77 April 9, 2020
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Euphamism for vomit. Used instead of "throw up". A nicer, less disgusting way of describing the need to lose one's lunch.
Did you see that drunk guy "throw a party" all over the bar?
by monaparty January 27, 2011
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Injuring multiple opponents in Halo but not finishing the kills

Injuring one person and allowing them to escape can be called "juicing them"
"I hope your not planning on Throwing a juice party with that jewish rifle"

"I just threw a juice party in the Invise room"

"I just juiced Virus in the shotty room"
by Big G Dog May 31, 2007
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when you throw someone a suprise party you rob them of all there CRACK/MONEY/DRUGS
that biatch better shut the fuck up otherwise we're gonna throw him a suprise party
by the big gimp September 22, 2005
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