The limit as effort (x) approaches infinity of going 'balls to the walls'. When graphed, balls through the walls can be shown as a hyperbola approaching an asymptote. This asymptote represents the proverbial wall in which balls go 'to' and eventually 'through'.

Side effects of going balls through the walls are: excessive dehydration, headache, fever, fatigue, and most likely death. Those who survive going balls through the walls are either really lucky, or the absolute quintessence of badassary.
I was running the other day and I went balls through the walls; Cullen and Ty couldn't keep up.

I tried going as balls through the walls as Mennell, but then I ended up in the hospital. I'm lucky to be alive.
by BallThroughTheWalls November 22, 2013
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The act of getting a wallbang in any FPS on multiplayer. Weapon of choice would be a sniper rifle with FMJ.

Can be used to describe awesome stuff.
Issac: Head shot Through The Wall (TTW) mother fucker.
by ThroughTheWall November 12, 2010
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Punch a wall and put a hole through it.
I've done it. Trust me. It's gay.
"I'm stressed, LOUISE GREEN! AAAAAAAAH! *punch the wall*, Oh shit!"
by GirlSkater March 27, 2004
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used to describe an event or action where one person beleives wholeheartedly that another person is cheating, even though it's obvious they are not.
oh my gawd!! halfway through the frikken wall!! that powerup isn't even on this level! let's break his computer!!
by id_noclip February 2, 2005
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A popular phrase used in 'F is for Family'.
**Frank:** I need you two to play nice, and don't get into any trouble. *(to Bill)* And I am putting you in charge of your sister today. You got that?

**Bill:** Yep.

**Frank:** Okay, if anything bad happens to her, I want you to call me at work. Okay, buddy?

**Bill:** Sure, dad.

**Frank:** Good. 'Cause then, I will come right home, and I will put you through that fucking wall.
by IgnasAntans July 18, 2020
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