This term is not to be confused by Basketball Rule 5 (Violations), Article 26. Presented by the International Basketball Federation or FIBA: “The three second rule” also known as “Three in the key”. But instead this term represents a sexual act that is performed by one female (referred to as The Key) who is accompanied by three male percipients (players). And sometimes a fourth male (referred to as The Reff) is involved but not in a physical manner.

To perform the sexual position of Three in the Key the female lays on her side while one male inserts his penis into her vagina, another male inserts his dick into her asshole, and the third player has his dick in the females mouth. Hence the name Three in the key. (Because there is three players IN the key) Now if there is a fourth male involved he politely sits of to the side “Reffing” the situation (Jerking off). When the fourth male is at the point of climax (if he as one) he blows on a whistle then cums on the female thus “calling” the Three in the key violation.
Dean: Damn Jack I’m sorry to hear about what happened to Stephanie.
Jack: What do you mean?
Dean: You didn’t hear that Chris and some of his basketball teammates went Three in the key with her last night at the party.
Jack: FUCK!
by 5wampDaddy November 13, 2018
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A sexual act similar to the shocker where a guy\girl inserts the three main fingers in the vagina leaving the pinky for the asshole
I just gave that dirty whore "three in the key"
by G_MON May 23, 2007
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