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When girls tie up their long shirts into a knot to make it into a crop top
I tie up my shirt into a thot knot once I leave the house lol
by Vicvictheo October 09, 2017
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a knot tied at the bottom of a full-length shirt, exposing a thot's torso. can also be used as a verb: the action of creating a thot knot.
My mom doesn't let me wear crop tops so I thot knot my shirt once I get to school.
by boominati.way June 26, 2018
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a knot that is tied in the front of your shirt that makes you look like a thotty
ew shes a thot she got a thot knot
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by njhkjkhkjlh February 20, 2019
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Also known as the "Top Knot", a hairstyle that is worn by the most basic of bitches.
"Hey Jenny, I love your Thot Knot!"
"Hey Amanda, did you see Brook's new instagram picture? She's rocking the Thot Knot again... Basic bitch"
by TableFor6Please0814 September 23, 2016
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Two tight hair buns on the back corners of a thots head.

The hairstyle a thot wears to a festival.

Another term for galaxy buns
Hey she's rocking some thot knots tonight!
by Whysofficial June 03, 2019
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