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The dots that girls paint on their face before attending a high school football game. Often painted on around the eyes in the shape that resembles half of an infinity sign.
“Hey do you have any paint? I need to touch up on my thot dots.”
by Ursuchafuckinghoe October 09, 2018
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Two piercings in the upper lip, usually a silver ball stud (hence 'dots' ).
In the nineties there were tramp stamps. Now we have Thot dots
by grandallegro February 18, 2015
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The circle thots/lgbtq+ have on the back of their phone to keep it steady.
Bentley: Why do you have a thot dot on the back of your phone?

Webb: So I can hold it while I go party in Hillcrest.
by cbrez August 21, 2018
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