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One of the most talented men you will ever meet. Thorbens are extremely handsome, intelligent and have twinkling eyes. Usually you find "Thorben" in the Scandinavian area, but just as Vikings they traveled the world, so you can find them everywhere now. Women love Thorbens! One of the best things about a Thorben: he is not vain. Everyone should have a Thorben to guide their way!
Get a move and grab a Thorben!
by frogfrogfrog May 15, 2010
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Some mysterious dude that works with you, that keeps spamming your mailbox and that you probably have hung out with a couple of times.

But that you unfortunately STILL dont know who is because in the real world he is just a face and in your mailbox he is just a name with no connection between the two whatsoever.
"Who the fuck is that Thorben over there?"

"Are you serious? You have been chatting with him all day on the company message system!"
by Lets say one of the danes February 05, 2010
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