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Brother of Tony, he can be found when out skiing or snowboarding usually in the trees but not confined to them. He can also be found when attempting to jump off a cliff. He's pesky and you'll know when you run into him. But Great guy

He also responds to his alter ego Tomahawk
I sent a cliff went nose heavy and then all of a sudden our buddy Thomas Hawk came out of nowhere
by Interrupting will February 17, 2017
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He is a kid who has confidence and none all in one sitting, a kid who can bring an army down just with sheer will power, a loving and hating child. He has few friends, but the friends he has mean everything and more. When he loves something he doesn't just love, he obsesses.. In a good way! Everything he needs is where he resides, but everything he wants is too far to grasp. Thomas Hawks is a kid of his word.
Dude #1: Did you see that stunt that guy pulled?!
Dude #2: Yeah, he must've been a Thomas Hawks or something..
Dude #1: Woah dude..
by Spanky Mcspanky June 17, 2014
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