When the guy is such a big cunt that you have to say it twice.
Spiro i cant believe you scored that shit goal in fifa. malaka

This cunts a cunt.....
by Billyg March 2, 2012
To be so buddy-buddy with someone that it gets on everyone's nerves and often inhibits the relationships of the two or more people involved in the cunt to cunt. Therefore, the phrase can be altered to add as many annoying parties as needed. For example, a group of five friends who are annoyingly close could be referred to as cunt to cunt to cunt to cunt to cunt. Can also be exchanged with "penis" as needed, though "cunt" still gets across the meaning.
Person 1: Herbert spends so much time with Jessica. He can't even see that his girlfriend is hurting.

Person 2: Ugh, they are totally cunt to cunt.
by Billy Bob Bobbinson April 25, 2010
More experienced in their art than a normal cunt, cunt faced cunts excel in all things cuntish.
Claire: "I drank so hard the other night, I barfed and pissed my pants"
Niki: "I know, you cunt faced cunt, you did it on my sofa"
by Nik Jeff February 12, 2008
Used when expressing someone of particular bad taste.
Often gets you thrown out of Pizza Express/numerous pizzeria.
cunt cunt cunt cunt cunt cunt cunt cunt!
by Total_bloody_ledge March 31, 2015
An ambitious young adult, usually college-educated, living in or near a large city. They look after number one, and everyone else is low on the priority list.
"Look at that cunt faced cunt over there drinking all the mojito's"
by Craig Mac February 13, 2008
A woman or gay man so "cuntish" in behavior that she or he can only be insultingly described as a double-cunt (double-cunt) - parentheticals added as an alliteration to emphasize such doubly-cuntishly behavior (an homage to DoubleMint Gum). Term coined by Mark Hänser of Boston, MA.
Lee was such a cunt; so much so that only the term "double-cunt (double-cunt)" would do.
by Victor Felix August 21, 2005
Ann Coulter, a self proclaimed bigot, who is everything that is wrong with America. It is people like her that stop real progress and change in America while spreading lies and hate.
Son: "Hey dad, what are you reading"

Dad: "...Slander, by Ann Coulter"

Son: "No! Dad, not that cunted cunt!"
by birkenstock wearing treehugger November 22, 2009