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An incredibly idiotic way for people who believe in "thin privilege" make skinny women seem like jerks for sharing their experiences with skinny shaming, generally used in "body positive" tumblr blogs .
"omg yesterday I was talking about how I was bullied for my weight and Sarah actually tried to tell me that she was bullied for her weight to, the skinny bitch!1!1"

"omg thinsplaining is sooo real"
by marsboys June 04, 2017
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A thinsplainer will tell you about all the woes of being skinny that we already know and sympathize with, only to invalidate your problems. They are naturally skinny people who start quacking about it only when anyone heavier talks about their problems. Similar to men who only bring up men's problems to invalidate women's problems.

This is so that they too. can have the joy of taking part in the oppression Olympics, since they often get left out, due to conforming to society's standards of beauty.

After whining about how oppressed they are, they go back to eating whatever they want and not gaining a pound. Usually a woman.
I was talking about how it's easier for skinny and pretty girls to get what they want, when Skinny Nelly started thinsplaining how hard it is when people don't take you seriously because you're so pretty.
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by Defineant March 03, 2017
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