A Thilina is usually a male who has a very big ego. Generally thilina species think they are best at everything and wants to be in charge of almost everything that they do. They are super good and talented at sports.

These species are generally very mean, uncaring and many of them are heartless. They think they are noble but according to others thilinas are a very arrogant/stubborn kind who doesn't take other peoples feelings into account as long as they are happy.

And finally you should never have an exclusive relationship with these species because they will force you to do all the sacrifices from what you wear to people in your life. When asked " why am I the only person making sacrifices in this relationship?" His answer will be " of course I made sacrifices for this relationship. I stopped talking to other girls... As in flirting".
Girl: my boy friend is so mean to me, he's such a THiLiNA :(

Mother: my son doesn't do anything around the house, I should have named him THiLiNA.

Guys talking: dude look at that guy he's so good at sports. He must be a THiLiNA
by 240587 October 22, 2013
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Always always male and often known to be 'skuxx'
Someone named thilina originates from the island of sri lanka and usually atracts many of the female gender.

Species of the male gender are known to be jealous of the Thilina species. This male can be found wearing skinny jeans and likes to 'jerk'
Someone known as Thilina finds he has a sister named Hasini.
a person named hasini has a conversation with a person named Thilina...:

H: Hey

T: Harro!

H: Wuu2?

T: Jerking. (y)

haha (:
by hasini weeni... August 14, 2010
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