Another way of saying "jerk" or "asshole", used mainly by Polish internet users.
Oh man, he behaves like a real therin.
by Skroba February 2, 2009
An American individual who beats up his friend for eating his cookies and makes her barf them up. He then eats them again, barfs them back up, eats them again, barfs them back up, and cooks them in an oven. The cookies win 1st prize in a national baking contest.
Therin's cookies are so good, no wonder why they won first prize.
by yousuckeggs March 25, 2010
The most amazing girl you will ever meet. Some people says she's imaginary because of her perfection. She has amazing hair and beautiful eyes, aswell as the best personality ever. All around great person, but also a potato a lot of the time.
I can't wait to see Therine she's amazing!
by CidTheKid August 26, 2015