Theb isn't anything. It means whatever you want it to mean. It can be a verb, a noun, an adjective. It can mean extreme anger, happiness, sadness. It can be an expletive or an excited announcement. You choose depending on the circumstance.
by TheMothman October 14, 2010
Theb is a multipurpose word. It can be used as virtually any part of speech (though the noun form is not very common). Grammatically it is very similar to how "fuck" is used, except theb can also be as a substitution for "reaction" words such as "neat" "cool" or "lol" etc. May also be used as a greeting or exclamation in certain contexts.
What the theb is going on here?

That's pretty theb brah.

Theb! (as in "lol")

Theb it.... (as in "God damn")
by SenorStools October 14, 2010
Person 1: Hey, did you catch the game last night?
Person 2 (Theb Enjoyer): theb is god
Person 1: ...What?
by thebiticus January 5, 2022
Hey want to theb
Yea im down
by Heyohthey August 24, 2021
An insult towards Papa P.
by Sunkistlover126 February 25, 2019
a unattractive man or boy one encounters at a party, especially in a dance setting, i.e. when he is grinding up on your ass
Ali: So did you have fun at the dance last night? I saw you dancing with some guy...

Harper: Yeah I was having a great time until that theb starting grinding on me. I kept trying to get away but he just wouldn't leave me alone!
by ardnaxela&reprah April 8, 2010
Thebs is a "British" name. 9/10 Thebs are brown nosers.
"That Thebs is a ####"
by General Tsao Chinese March 26, 2018