The "Extra Stage" song on DDR 8th mix (extreme).
The followup to the "Extra Stage" songs on DDR 6 and 7, Max300 and MaxX Unlimited repectively.
The Legend of MAX increases in pace to a blazing 333 BPM, currently the fastest song in DDR. There are 555 steps, each which must be hit to precision timing to the tune of the song, in 90 seconds. That's almost 7 steps a second! If you miss 6 of them on the Extra Stage, it's instant death. The wacky distorted voices mixed into the fast paced techno say things like "The FLY!" and "Fear..", and at the *insane* part near the end, it can be heard saying "you can do it.... you can!"
by s0lson August 2, 2003
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00:00Can you see?H
00:12The Fly?I
00:18Do you see your goal?H
01:12Do the right thing tyust yourself,
01:18and you'll Know the way Listen to yourself.
01:21You can do this, you can!!
by AU August 27, 2003
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A very difficult DDR song, running at 333 bpm for most of the song. A
level 10 on heavy.
I lose about 10 seconds into the legend of max
by 5'1"Racer February 12, 2005
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The best song in ddr. It should have its own game. The story line is so good cause it has two guys running in it. In the jap version one of them had a suitcase. It makes you wanna buy a Jap version just to see more of this incredible story.
Legend Of Max has the greatest storyline in all of videogaming history.
by The Legend Of Max November 20, 2004
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Extremely Difficult DDR Song. Probably because of how fucking fast it is. 333 BPM doesn't look like much on paper, but trust me, it's fast.
And I Passed It on Heavy, With A B...One Time..No Lie
by Barron April 19, 2005
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The third instalment in the max series. Legend of max first appered in DDR Extreme. the song offers extremy tricky and advanced steps, that surpass its little brothers (Max300, max unlimited). the song starts at a around 300 BPM and slows down halfway through to a around 40 BPM, shortly after the legend of max jumps to a record breaking 600 BPM. this ten footer is one hell of a ride!
Legend of max is a tricky DDR song, challenging both stamina and eye foot cordinatiom.
by BDR August 27, 2006
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