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In the fire department culture, work is usually divided into 3 shifts, or platoons; A, B, & C shift. The C shift is the spawn of the A & B shift, when fire departments became busier with higher call volume. It was necessary, to have an extra shift, in order to get the other shifts longer group days off for rest & recovery. It was also necessary to get the stupidest, dumbest bunch of village fucking idiots into one group, so as to only let the public be in danger by their incompetence only 10 days out of the month instead of 15, or only 1/3 of the year, instead of 1/2 of the year. fuck sticksass clownsbutt fucking idiotsboner biting butt fuckersdonkey punching dick lickersshit eating fart knockers
A shifter: "Good morning C shifter, what happened to the rig & why do we have a reserve engine?"

C shifter: "Well, we were coming down the hill from a call & the brakes started smoking. When we came to a stop, I engaged the spring brakes. They never released. Oh, I guess you're suppose to down shift to a lower gear, too, when you're descending a hill. You ever heard of that before?"

A shifter: "What? Fuck me."

C shifter: "Oh, we were super busy, too, so we didn't wash the rig & you need to get fuel."

A shifter: "Dude, there's a fuel tank at the side of the station......was it that difficult to pull in after the last call & get fuel."

C shifter: "I was hungry & I wanted to eat. I didn't want the truckers to get the last of the pancakes."

A shifter: "You're such a fuck ass. Fuck, I hate the c shift."
by thefuriousone December 11, 2007
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