Of 3 shifts used in fire department scheduling. It is by far better than the other 2 shifts with the best firefighters to do the job right the first time. If your house is on fire pray that C-shift is working if you would like your house to be saved. If your house ends up in the basement it's probably because A or B shift showed up. They are also ridiculously good looking and have killer mustaches that make all the old lady's wet. DILLY DILLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
"Thank god C-shift was working to save my house and my family, We owe those guys our lives!"
"Did you see that guys stache what a C shifter"
by pit of misery November 18, 2017
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In the fire department culture, work is usually divided into 3 shifts, or platoons; A, B, & C shift. The C shift is the spawn of the A & B shift, when fire departments became busier with higher call volume. It was necessary, to have an extra shift, in order to get the other shifts longer group days off for rest & recovery. It was also necessary to get the stupidest, dumbest bunch of village fucking idiots into one group, so as to only let the public be in danger by their incompetence only 10 days out of the month instead of 15, or only 1/3 of the year, instead of 1/2 of the year. fuck sticksass clownsbutt fucking idiotsboner biting butt fuckersdonkey punching dick lickersshit eating fart knockers
A shifter: "Good morning C shifter, what happened to the rig & why do we have a reserve engine?"

C shifter: "Well, we were coming down the hill from a call & the brakes started smoking. When we came to a stop, I engaged the spring brakes. They never released. Oh, I guess you're suppose to down shift to a lower gear, too, when you're descending a hill. You ever heard of that before?"

A shifter: "What? Fuck me."

C shifter: "Oh, we were super busy, too, so we didn't wash the rig & you need to get fuel."

A shifter: "Dude, there's a fuel tank at the side of the station......was it that difficult to pull in after the last call & get fuel."

C shifter: "I was hungry & I wanted to eat. I didn't want the truckers to get the last of the pancakes."

A shifter: "You're such a fuck ass. Fuck, I hate the c shift."
by thefuriousone December 12, 2007
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The most tactical and elite shift of a fire department. Any new firefighter with any talent is quickly moved to C shift . If you are put on any other shitbox shift other than C-shift than you might as well quit. When there is a task that needs to be completed, you can always count on C-shift, the other two shifts are not worth the toilet paper you wipe your ass with.
Fire Chief: "C-Shift, I need you all to continue to do solid work. A & B-Shift..... just sit there and don't touch anything and get your thumb out of your asses."
by TBB4Life June 21, 2020
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C-shift was invented so A-shift and B-shift didn't have to work every other day at the fire station. They are in touch with their feminine side. If you work overtime on c-shift you will get stuck watching the Lifetime Channel or Dancing With the Stars. Forget about football or any other sports. C-shifters are also known as the maids of the fire department because they love to clean the station every shift. Their favorite day is station day. In fact you may see c-shifters fight over who is going to clean the bathroom or mop the floor. When they graduate from the academy they are issued skirts, aprons, and their favorite cleaning tool of choice. C-shift is also known as the care bears of the three shifts because they think every call is a chance for them to be a shoulder to cry and and they are on scene forever trying to figure out whether to transport the patient or not. They also complain about everything. If a c-shifter won the powerball they would find something to complain and cry about. Last but not least you couldn't depend on anyone on c-shift to give you decent relief. If their lives depended getting to the station before 7:45AM they would all die. In conclusion the "c" in c-shift stands for complaining, crying, cleaning, care bears, and constantly late.
I am supposed to take my kid to school this morning but there isn't anyone to relieve me yet. Good old c-shift relief......

Who filled up the DVR with "Dancing With the Stars" and erased the football game? It must have been c-shift!
by Mr smith 1890 January 23, 2016
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When FireFighters on C-Shift get an unremarkable amount of calls and neglect station duties, wake up late, put equipment out of service that was functioning properly, and complain that the other shifts do not get anything accomplished. But in reality only 3 calls were ran and one call was on the 2nd day of the 48 hour shift.
Shift A,B: how was your guys tour?

Shift C: We got slammed.

Shift A,B: How many calls did you get?

Shift C: We got slammed capt, we got slammed, we ran 3 calls, we got slammed

Shift A to shift B: That's a C-Shift Slam, running no calls and complaining that got slammed with a mad amount of calls
by FireMan1963 December 26, 2016
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One of 3 Shifts to cover a 72 hour period within the Fire Department Schedule. Preceding A-Shift & following B-Shift.

Also known as “The Captains Shift”, though expected to perform 1/3 of equal work within the schedule, known to mostly not complete said work or even more often use said Captain as a “work shield” from drawing the ire of the other two shifts. Not as lazy or worthless as B-Shift, but usually less arrogant as A-Shift.
“Yesterday was apparatus day, but you know it’s C-Shift so they half ass did it”
by SHA_JFRD November 14, 2021
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