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An amazing all girls private school in Boston, Massachusetts. Despite what people think most of the girls are extremely nice, and are always there for you no matter what. They are all a little boy crazy, but they never ever see boys, so you would be too. The classes are not only extremely academically challenging and stimulating, but they are also really fun!! The whole school is like a family. Everyone has your back.
A: Where do you go to school?
B: The Winsor School!
A: That's Awesome! I heard it is amazing!
B: Yeah, it is!
by soccergirlhcb February 16, 2011
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A girls only school pack full with bitchy back stabbing girls. You never have a real freind there because they all pretend to like you. Any secret u tell someone one day will become the biggest school news the next. oh yeah they're also obsessed with boys and its really annoying.
Girl 1: Hey can i tell u a secret. Promise u wont tell a soul?
Girl 2: yeah of course.. kmon u can trust me.
Girl 1: okay.. so yeah this weekend a boy kissed me
Girl 2: oh.. k
the next day at the winsor school
whispering in the halls.. people givin gu dirty looks
girl one goes up to someone
girl 1: whats going on
other girl: you kissed a boy...
by idont have aname October 18, 2006
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This is an all girls school in boston somewhere. It is very hard to get into and you have to be smart. Most of the girls are butch and ...pretty(only to an extent). The Winsor girls are obedient to their parents. They consider Dana Hall a rival school & Belmont Hill their brother school(though Belmont Hill labeled the girls butch) Winsor is the school known for intelligence and sports, while NCDS is known for smartness as well, and Dana Hall known for looks. NCDS also is partially known for somewhat hot girls.
A: WOW that girl is BUTCH
B: yeah, she must go to the Winsor School
by belmontkid January 06, 2008
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