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The Winsor School is an all ss private school in boston MA, next to fenway park. s have a reputation to be smart, rich, and pretty. All the s are preppy and are known for their "prestigious" education/they go to ivy league colleges. s that go to winsor are usually daughters of college presidents, or company presidents. Winsor s, are known for their "goodie goodieness" (not true). Dana hall and winsor are rival schools because they are similar.
Winsor school Example 1:

Winsor 1: I went shopping yesterday at Jasmine sola, and got the coolest pair of 7 jeans, there kinda like my other pair. My mom got kinda mad cause they were $367.

Winsor 2:ugh, i kno, they flip out over such small things, she'll get over it. What else did u get? OMG ARE THOSE LACOSTE? I WAS GONNA GET THOSE! IN GREEN AND PINK! o, gtg, my moms calling me on the cell im not supposed to have on during class.

Example 2:
Girl 1: Urg, my uggs, they just got wet, guess i'll have to get new ones, cause now i have every color except sand.

Girl 2: REally? that sucks, I still have to get the purple ones.
by google19769635 June 09, 2006
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