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A state of mind in which content from a relatively short time of origin in the real world, causes the afflicted to believe that the event occurred long before the origin.

This affliction is due to the fact that daily Reddit users are accustomed to constant and updated information. Therefore, if an event occurred a few days ago, it causes the Reddit user to feel that the event happened much longer ago.

This causes the Reddit user to feel that events and or stories occurred in a longer period of time than in reality. Some severe cases can cause a frequent Reddit user to be violent verbally or physically. The best solution is to end the topic or to leave the afflicted alone. There is no cure to this phenomenon although modern medicine is working towards a cure.
A: Hey did you see that post of "x"?
B: Yeah I saw that like two weeks ago.
A: Two weeks ago? Man that feels like forever ago. That is still a relevant topic?
B: Yes. This is the curse of Reddit. The Reddit Effect.
by Terios April 02, 2013
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