When a man is getting a girl from behind, and when she is not looking the man grabs a bottle of water and squirts it up her ass, then the man rams his cock in her ass and proceeds to yell "The shiter is full."
Dude I pulled out the old "Randy Quaid." She wouldn't suck my dick so gave her the randy quaid
by Parker Welch July 11, 2008
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(adjective) referring to a man who is acting crazy, paranoid and possibly violent; crazy, insane, psycho, postal, Evi Quaid
He thought she cheated on him, and then he went all Randy Quaid on her.
by sere450 December 24, 2010
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A very welcome punch to the cunt.
Mom: Hey Nick, how was school.
(Nick punches his mom in the cunt.)
Mom: Yahoo! Thanks for the Randy Quaid Suprise.
by Ben McLaky January 1, 2008
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When an actor becomes delusional after becoming slightly well known, and begins posting incoherent, babbling, drug fueled rhetoric about conspiracy theories on social media
"I used to always love watching Charlie Sheen on t.v. until he slowly started suffering from the Randy Quaid Effect"
by TRMmafia June 21, 2021
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One of the greatest actors in film history. Does an awesome dance after lighting a fire in Christmas Vacation 2.
Me: "What do you want to watch while we drink?"
Ben: (nervous) "I don't know"
... A brief moment of silence
Me and Ben look at each other and together yell: "Randy Quaid!"
Ben puts a Randy Quaid Movie on.
Me: "Drink for Quaid"
Ben the pussy doesn't drink...
Me: (angrily) "WTF drink!"
by Rado2OOO November 19, 2008
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