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while with a partner, one person goes down on the other. The person getting head now has to make a phonecall to a friend and attempt to hold a regular conversation for as long as they can manage. While on the phone, you aren't allowed to lie. The game ends when the person on the other line figures out they're being phone moaned, and only then is the person who made the call allowed to hang up. When found out, you should note the length of the call. The person giving head should be trying to inflict the quickets Phone Moan on their partner, while the person getting head should try to get the longest time that he or she can go for. IT's a battle of wits, self control, and physical stamina. The ultimate sport. The Phone Moan."
"someone phone moaned me the other day and it was AWKWARD."

"I made Jeremy do The Phone Moan yesterday and he only lasted five minutes."
by RainbowAJ January 15, 2012
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