The funniest game ever created on the face of the earth. The Lay Down Game is simple:
Find a completely random place to lay down face down with your hands by your side and legs out nice and straight, then get a friend to take a picture. Upload the pictures to your facebook account or preferably to a Lay Down Game group page like The Lay Down Game North Carolina Version and make people laugh!
I cannot stop laughing at how random these pictures from The Lay Down Game are, so funny!
by beer and boobs for breakfast October 4, 2010
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To participate in the act of killing ones rivals, former friends, or any punk muthafucka who who talks shit, or double crosses them.
Yo that nigga Calvin was talking shit so i had to lay down the murder game down real quick and that nigga is invisible now.
by Money Making Mitch May 4, 2011
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