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it's the opposite to the rusty trambone. the rusty trambone is where a girl licks a guys ass while jerking him off thus making the actions of a trambone. the kurt cobain is where u lick a girls asshole and finger her as if your shooting yourself in the head. you get bonus points if the girl is on her rag. my cousin matt g. created the kurt cobain...but i james R was the first to do it and yes i got the bonus points!
i was with a girl last and i used the kurt cobain on her!
by james rowls, matt goves May 09, 2008
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When a man pulls out right before climaxing and aims his penis at his own face and ejaculates.
Billy: "Donnie, why do you have jizz all over your face?"

Donnie: "Don't worry Billy, it's mine - I was just pounding my wife and decided to spice things up a bit and did The Kurt Cobain"
by Donnie Walnuts October 17, 2009
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When you are jerking off while sitting up and blow a load up under your chin with a force resembling that of a shot gun blast.
The Kurt Cobain is why you aim for your chest, not your face.
by dom matt April 11, 2008
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