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A phrase used if someone is playing a banger and you slap it on the AUX but it’s not loud enough. Used to play music louder.
“Oi crank it up it sounddss coldd”
“Ye he’s certi, told me to crank dis tune”
“This speaker is a myth, crank it up”
“Some wack audio system g, lemme connect so I can crank it up”
by Ricky420blazeit August 08, 2018
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• An expression used to elicit excitement.
• Requesting an assistant to try a machine for operation.
• requesting for a controller of some device be operated in a manner to elevate the output.
• "Ok, I've replaced the flux capacitor, that should go now crank it up!"

• "sweet brah! Dis Ma favourite tune!! Crank it uuuuup!!
by Wade the rubber spade September 09, 2016
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