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When you go down on a girl using only your nose to make her climax.

Inserting your nose into a females vagina.

When you sniff the inside of a women's pussy.

Popular technique among Jewish males to use while going down on a girl.

Also refereed to as The Jacob Moorehouse, or The Jew's Special.
Jacob: "Hey look guys, this how you're suppose to go down on a girl" *Shoves entire nose into blue icee

Jessica: "Last night Brad totally pulled The Kitty Sniffer and stuck his entire nose in my pussy while going down on me."
Celina: "Oh my gosh, how was it?"
Jessica: "I barely felt it, maybe if he was Jewish I would of came for once."

Valerie: "Holy shit, yes, Jose you're stretching my pussy so much!"
Jose: "Thank you, people have always told me I have a big nose."

Matthew: "Which one would you like me to stick in your pussy first my dick or my nose?"
Amanda: "You already know I want that Kitty Sniff."
by Isnif Pusai October 14, 2013
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