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The FlipDick is a concept introduced in the year 2007, which is intended for males with large penises.
Basically the FlipDick is an operation process in which the penis is given a folding like feature, to decrease its size when on the move.
When the penis is required for whatever reason, it can simply flip out, and extend to its original size.

Both females and males are a large fan of the FlipDick, as is has a surprisingly enticing and exciting quality about it.

It has been found especially useful in the African American geographical areas around the world, due to their average penis size being 20 inches plus. Now with the new FlipDick concept, these lucky men can stroll the streets at day without a care in the world - and perhaps surprise their friends at night!
"Oh my god... it's huge!"

"Ha babe, theres more to come... *flips dick*"

"Oh my god!!?? Oh my god!!!! It's a beast!!"


"I can't believe it's actually The FlipDick!"
by ROFLMaster May 03, 2007
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