The first born child of the family.
- When trying to make the perfect pancake many hurdles must be taken into account.

- "The First Pancake" usually gets temperature neglected, and often undergoes premature flipping. As a result "The First Pancake" turns out burnt, misshaped, undercooked, sloppy and tossed to the side.
- In worst case scenarios, "The First Pancake" is throughly buttered and heavily syrupped to cover up baking impurities.
"Do you ever feel like the first pancake?"

"I feel like the first pancake sometimes... my brothers and sisters turned out better than me."

"I am a first pancake."
by baking420 January 17, 2012
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An awkward or unsuccessful first experience, followed by better, highly successful subsequent experiences of the same kind. Like when you make a batch of pancakes: The first one turns out messed-up because you're out of practice or haven't made pancakes before. The second and following pancakes come out perfectly round and golden.
Girl 1: "My new boyfriend is so great, but when we had sex for the first time, it was awkward and terrible. I hope it gets better. I really like him and he likes me."

Girl 2: "Be patient. It's just like the first pancake. I'm sure it will get better."
by orangek September 2, 2010
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Used to describe the screwed up child of the family. Often results from parents not accepting their child for choices they make which causes a strained relationship between parents and child. Parents may reduce or cut contact from child and no longer assist them when they need help.
Person 1: She dropped out of school, left home and is now covered in tattoos. Her parents barely speak to her anymore.

Person 2: Sounds like she is the first pancake, you know, the screwed up one that you throw away.
by goobydoo December 19, 2012
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A common phrase coming from the expression that goes “The first pancake never turns out right, the second one is perfect, and the third needs some shaping.
Person 1: My daughters a bit odd.

Person 2: She’s a first pancake, your son is great though!
by Thatmanrightthere January 6, 2022
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