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The Fury, The Fear

Diarrhea. Specifically the diarrhea brought about from eating a meal containing large amounts of curry. Thus: The Curry Fury.

3 stages of The Curry Fury:

1) The Curry Worry - meal has been consumed, digestion is in process and you start to plan your escape.
2) The Cury Hurry - digestion is in its final stages, you stand, you run, you panic.
3) The Cury Flurry - at last! the evil, combustible waste is expelled at never-before-seen fiery velocity... hopefully into the intended, flushable container
Oh my god. I just ate at Chopstix in Gainesville, Florida. Dude. I've got The Curry Fury.
by Eazy Cheez January 07, 2004
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The Curry Fury, also known as the Ring of Fire. This phenomenon usually occurs within 8 hours of consuming a copious amount of hot food., and it is a painful, diarrhea substance that burns the "leather Cheerio" on the way out.
I had Thai food last night, and in the middle of the night, I had the worst Curry Fury.
by Carl Malone January 09, 2004
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