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The area code for Evansville, IN and the surrounding area.

This is usually the name for the local music scene and the group of "scene kids" or "hardcore kids" who participate in it.
Hardcore dancers tend to be more polite, apologizing to anyone they hit who is surrounding the area where they dance (which is also known as the "pit" in this local scene).
There tends to be a bit of drama between bands,
but the music is outstanding, even if there are downfalls on occasion.
The music ranges from techno, to breakbeat, to metal, to acoustic.
The bands tend to get very involved with the crowd,
and shout names of more "known" kids in the scene,
or throw glowsticks.
Speaker 1: "What's the 812, man?"
Speaker 2: "It's a pretty good local scene. WMBTM, AFF, and WSH are pretty decent bands."
Speaker 1: "Let's go hit up 'dem slutty scene chicks! They'll fuck you if you give them cigarettes."
by Promobitch June 24, 2009
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