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The 50 Percent Rule was first invented in spring 2016 by Swiss citizen K.E.

As opposed to state laws with a limited scope, it is described a universal moral in modern human behaviour.

It regulates the number of seats taken by a single guest in a restaurant, bar, café, eatery or diner.

You and your company may claim all the seats of a specific seating area (i.e. table or sofa space) if you make up for at least 50% of the total number of seats without the need to grant fellow guests access to the remaining seats.
A: "Hey man, can I take that seat?"

B: "No, sorry!"
A: "Why, is there anyone joining you? Or do you just need 4 seats for yourself?"
B: "There's nobody joining me. And now let me do my work!"
A: "Well, sir! Haven't you heard of the 50 Percent Rule!?"
by crevek1900x May 25, 2016
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