Arch Enemy of Nikolai Fraiture, the zoom has been holding a grudge against Fraiture for as long as anyone can remember after he was brutally defeated by him. A song was even created in honor of the zoom after Nikolai broke him in January of 2010.
Nikolai broke the zoom...
Ooooh yeaaheaheaaah!
by Enter Romero January 2, 2012
Meaning the same thing as burn but makes the person saying it sound like there retarded.
really made popular by the show Scrubs, taken from the mazda car commercials.
Guy 1: I got a tattoo on my nuts!
Guy 2: That must be a small tattoo, ZOOM ZOOM ZOOM!!
by DiseasedPanda March 21, 2007
Taken from a Capoeira song for use in a Mazda commercial.
Zoom Zoom Zoom (aka Zum, Zum, Zum) song lyrics are as follows
Zum, zum, zum,
Capoeira mata um!
Zum, zum, zum,
Capoeira mata um!
Onde tem marimbondo
Tem zum, zum, zum
Onde tem marimbondo
Tem zum, zum, zum
by Estrela April 4, 2007
Zoom Zoom Zoom is something you say when you've shut somebody down. Firstly used on the Mazda car comercial and seen on the TV show Scrubs
JD: Wanna go out with the hottest man in the hospital tonight?
Kim: I would rather just go out with you, Zoom Zoom Zoom!
by Charly09 December 14, 2008
prison slang for items bought from a list of goods one can buy from the prison canteen. i.e. cookies, snacks, etc.
Man if you keep losing at spades, you gonna lose all your wham whams and zoom zooms.
by prison linguist May 18, 2004
zoom zoom

1. (interjection) good bye; an expression used at parting with friend or frenemy.
2. A way to tell someone to that they need to leave and scoot along with their day; used with mild disappointment.
A: "Hey wanna go out tonight?"
B: "Sorry I can't, I have homework"
A: "Ugh, Zoom zoom"
by Gale H. May 29, 2014
Using the word zoom 3 times consecutively was first popularized by a hip hop group Wreckx-N-Effect circa 1993. This particular usage was a euphemism for sexual intercourse. Used in context, the song lyrics suggested that zoom zoom zoom or sex was the singers primary and only objective.
"All I wanna do is zooma zoom zoom zoom and a boom-boom"
by Kavu June 3, 2007