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A specialist fighting move, when used correctly able to administer-multiple high velocity smacks to all within your immediate radius. To employ the whirlwind clench both hands into fists and raise both arms at your sides and then spin on the spot. Spin as many times as you feel necessary to resolve the situation.
The whirlwind is a versatile move and can be used in a number of common situations, for example:

1. You enter a party and are instantly mobbed by guests trying to greet you... WHIRLWIND to quickly knock them all aside and allow you to attend to far more important matters.

2. You are standing among a group of people and they all ignorantly disagree with you or attempt to shoot down your idea... WHIRLWIND to punish the fools for their insolence.

3. A group of wannabe thugs enclose around you either trying to mug or bully circle you... WHIRLWIND to show these noobs who's boss and send them home crying to their mothers.
by TheWhirlwind October 31, 2011
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