Something a person puts out at a bar, party, social etc. It sets the tone for the evening and lets the intended parties know what is going down, (i.e. you're hot, and available). Putting Out The Vibe is done by leaning against the bar, wall, etc and sticking out your ass as much as possible. Seen in Dumb & Dumber by Lloyd Christmas at the Benefit.
(Lloyd begs for Harry to talk to a girl for him.)
Harry Dunne: Ok Ok, stop. What are you gonna do?
Lloyd Christmas: I'm gonna hang by the bar .... Put out the Vibe.
by Colin Donnelly April 24, 2007
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The vibe is a subtle action that people of the gay community will interpret as you being one of their own. It can be an unfortunate outfit, a slight flick of a wrist, or just bad lighting.
"Did you see that sweater vest?? Man, Nick's really putting out the vibe."

"I think I'm going to go for him- sure, he's with that girl, but he's totally putting out the vibe."
by Mia Pia March 21, 2007
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when you make such good memories that when you will look back at them it puts you in the best mood possible. it means chillin with friends that you genuinely love and want to live your life to the fullest with.
ayo remember the kickback we went to that one time?”
“oh yeah, shit was vibes on vibes”
by tene123 September 22, 2019
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Vibe - means to have this feeling that what your listening , feeling , or seeing is reaching your soul
Friend// ooo I get this vibe whenever this song comes on
by Agirlwithfeelings January 02, 2019
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When one is lit af, but instead of choosing to be super hype they just relax and vibe off the energy.
Kobe was going crazy at that party, but Eric was just vibing.
by Eric anonymous November 04, 2016
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