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A college filled with tech nuts, geeks, nerds, and all the like.
A place where HACKER is a good thing, and buffering is a swear word.

Dorms are filled with computers and soda.
Nerf wars erupt campus wide, some guns drawing blood in a single dart blow.

The grass in green somehow, even in the scorching Arizona heat.

Just down the road from ASU (spits on asu)

Soon the parking lot will be alive.
Cars with neon shall replace the countless racks of bikes.
Techy 1: "You seen the computers at uat?"
Techy 2: "Yea their... like... crazy!"
Techy 1: "Some of the dorms have like 15 computers each!"
Techy 2: "Yea and The University of Advancing Technology has the best there is for their classrooms with their new government funding."
by starg8man June 18, 2011
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