As stated above, it is out there, and not here. Did you really expect to find the "truth" on Urban Dictionary? Scram already.
As I stare into the stars late at night, I can say with the utmost certainty that someone or something is staring back. The truth is out there my friends, and it will no longer elude you and I.
by TZG_Eleven June 24, 2011
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the favourite hashtag catchphrase of embittered victim mentality individuals, chasing conspiracy theories and other such pointless nonsense.
Generally quoted alongside other hashtagged crap like corruption brown envelopes snouts in troughs
Truth Will Out "The toxic plans from my toxic councillors to raise council tax won't affect me, I'm unemployable. But I'll stir everyone up about it anyway #truthwillout"
by scattybird July 26, 2018
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