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A science fiction story appearing on Apr 13, 2015 based on the exchanges with Uneducated Huckster and Fucking Cartoon. Their followers were using articles from the moron magnet and the Piss Drinking Bastard to refute the publisher of The Ethereal Gazette as Cradle of Filth's social network got a ringside seat at the controversy he invoked engaging the Uneducated Huskster. It made it's emergence on with a low key word of mouth as it was trolled by factions in the industry using the author's respective screen names over the years. It's noted for using a thesis that picked apart "Dr." Kent Hovind's pseudo-academia as it revisits the first science fiction short story in passing as noted it also cited the Forbes article on "Dr." Kent Hovind.
The short story, The Thing That One Finds, is often mistaken for Real Person Fiction in a fanfiction sense when it's written in a vein similar to The Onion or The Babylon Bee but based on actual research from the findings he did about Hovind and the reverse research of his first science fiction outing also on It's based on his retorts of the Young Earth Creationists as they were pissed he revealed he's a Theistic Evolutionist as he was quiet about having an old earth view as a teenager.
by ilinoishorrorman February 12, 2018
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