Top definition original fiction counterpart where you seen Casey Gordon, Alex Rivera, Andrew Boughton, Fatima Stephens and a host of others get ushered into print over the years. Established in the mid-2000s by the founder of for an outlet for original fiction writers. Noted home of The Fandom Writer recently "The Thing One Finds," "Pariah's Mind," "The Cabbie Homicide," "In The Eyes Of A Skull," "Fandom Weirdness," and other cult horror stories to emerge in the same era.

Like and Wattpad this place is a proving ground as a few emerged in print over the years. I ushered writers from this website over the years as I also tapped their counterparts on The Ethereal Gazette: Issue Five where you see both from FictionPress and appear in the same TOC. Sometimes one will see members appear on both websites and do a contrast of their approaches. The Horror and Science Fiction sections are the largest of the database rivaling the Harry Potter fandom on their sibling. Insect from a reviewer noted it's the one story everyone likes to pick on but they really have the problem realizing the ending was from a real incident at 19 when I was mowing the lawn.
Wraith from the House of Pain E-zine as she picked up Gruesome Cargo, started to sift through the website that became a proving ground for the Millennial generation of horror writers. A.K.A. The Young Guns as they were born in the 1980s (1987-1989) generation as this generation was introduced in print not knowing their ages in a maiden anthology. Though you see a few twenty-somethings in 2003 but a lot of that generation were teenagers just testing their chops. Alex Rivera and Casey Gordon got their start with my publications in the mid-2000s in their print careers then one became noticed in wider small press circles.

The Fandom Writer is the noted cult horror story that torqued the slash fanfiction circles for putting them on the spot. Critics, "Did this publisher seek these writers out on Holy shit why the hell didn't I look into this place before?"'s then editor often treated these writers like his personal toilet -- the slash fandom became torqued because I stood up for writers who didn't need that to write horror.
by ilinoishorrorman February 01, 2018
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